The Huron Tribe

The tribe that I have chosen is the Huron tribe. They are North American Indians who were living along the St. Lawrence River and spoke the Iroquoian language.
The name Huron comes from the word hure which means rough hair.

The Huron grew their own crops of corn, beans and squash. Corn was a primary crop that was grown by the Hurons, they used it to make soups and stews. They hurons were skilled hunters, they used bows and arrows to hunt for deer, they used nets to catch beaver, and traps to catch bears. They also fished in the rivers and lakes.


2chiefGovernment System:
The top of the Village is called the village chief.
The villages were grouped into bands, each band had a band chief and a band council that consists of village chiefs. The coucil decided on the matters of the bands.
Every village was divided into clans, each clan had a clan chief. All the clan chiefs of a village formed a council, which, with the village chief, decided civil affairs for their village.
The Hurons were divided into 4 main tribes:
•  The Bear Tribe (Attignawantan)
•  The Cord Tribe (Attigneenongnahac)
•  The Rock Tribe (Arendarhonon)
•  The Deer Tribe (Tahontaenrat)


The Hurons lived in villages of large longhouses. An average longhouse accommodated six families.
They lived originally along the St. Lawrence River. They moved to southeast of Georgian Bay in present-day Ontario, after many wars with the Iroquois in the early seventeenth Century.
They were farmers who grew corn, beans, and squash. They worked mostly in hunting, fishing, planting and fur trading.
Women helped in planting, they also worked at home cooking, cleaning. sewing, and caring for children.
Men and women worked very hard and shared with others in their clans and villages.
The hurons had a very strong sense of dignity.


3travelMethod of travel:
the Hurons travelled mostly on foot when on land. The most important way of transportation was the canoes. they used them to travel on the many lakes and rivers surrounding them.
They all had separate designs to make them unique.
The Huron canoes were usually made out of birch bark and elm bark which was heavy to carry but safe to keep them dry on long journeys.
They also made snowshoes and sled’s for the winter that are pulled by dogs.

The Hurons had many gods and believed strongly in legends and mythology. Their religion is called the Wyandot religion. They performed many rituals.
They had many feasts with singing and dancing. One of their big feast was thanksgiving Feasts that were held to celebrate good fortune.
The Huron believed that all things had a spirit. The most powerful was the spirit of the sky controlling the wind, seasons, and other natural phenomena.
Shamans, priests with high magical powers, lead the tribes and used their magic to heal the sick and bring rain to the crops.


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